Robert Pattinson delivers his take– or is it takedown– of fashion in Wonderland magazine. (Photo: Sandy Kim for Wonderland)

Robert Pattinson has always had an effeminate said and a taste for the bizarre. Both facets of his personality are captured in a new cover shoot for fashion magazine Wonderland. The issue is dedicated to “an addictively unpredictable 2017.” Yep, Rob fits the bill.

Ironically, Rob began his career as a fashion model at age 12.. It’s a period he doesn’t remember fondly.

“When I first started I was quite tall and looked like a girl, so I got lots of jobs, because it was during that period where the androgynous look was cool,” he once told New York magazine.

His modeling career flamed out when he got older. By then, though, he had launched his acting career.

Robert Pattinson Quirky, Effeminate
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He shot to international fame with Kristen Stewart in the “Twilight” movies. Since his vampire days, he’s favored mostly gritty, indie film roles.

In 2014 film “Maps to the Stars,” he had plays a wannabe actor and part-time limo driver. The role required him to wear a long blonde wig.

He rocks a pink wig for one of two magazine covers. He also wears clown makeup that resembles a French mime.

Pattinson serves as guest editor of Wonderland and is interviewed by author and historian Yuval Noah Harari. The subject is men’s fashion.

Despite his early career shortcomings, Pattinson is a fashion icon these days. He stars in numerous commercials and videos for Dior Homme perfumes.

“I wanted the theme of the Wonderland issue to be something like ‘The Nature of Reality’ and contrast people whose sole purpose seems to be to pervert reality with a cross-section of people like you, who seem to have a more healthy and comprehensive understanding of it,” Pattinson says.

Okay, we don’t know what he means either, but it sounds suitably heavy.

For the record, Harari provides this interpretation.

“I think that in a way you’re in the business of creating reality… Images and fantasies and fictions basically rule the world. So many people spend all their lives chasing a dream that was implanted in their minds by some movie, TV series, poem, novel, whatever… I’m fascinated by the way that art and fiction are really the movers and shakers of the world.”

Okay, now we get it… a little.

The magazine notes that Pattinson is a “world away” from his “tween blockbuster beginnings.”

As one of Hollywood’s most “unconventional” actors, he’s well suited for an issue that showcases the “twisted realities and media meltdowns” of an addictively (sic) unpredictable 2017.”

Check out his photos below, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

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