Haim Starts Sexy Dance Party in New 'Little of Your Love' Video (Watch!) 1

Haim, the all-girl trio, get the party started in a new video for their song ‘Little of Your Love.’ (Photo: ScreenCap)

Este, Danielle and Alana Haim, better known as the eponymous all-girl trio “Haim,” turn a bar into a dance party in a new video for their catchy tune “Little of Your Love.”

The party, in what looks like a country-western honky-tonk, even has some line dancing. But the music is pure pop.

The song is off the group’s latest album Something to Tell You. They’ve been dropping songs and videos from the set all spring and summer.

“Little of Your Love” is the fourth track they’ve released as a video. Noted Director Paul Thomas Anderson has collaborated on the album.

Anderson is known for 1997 film “Boogie Nights,” which captured the disco era, “Magnolia” (1999), romantic comedy-drama “Punch-Drunk Love” and the epic drama “There Will Be Blood.”

The band’s crowning collaboration is a 14-minute, 35mm short film, titled “Valentine.”

Haim released “Right Now” in July, It followed lead single, “Want You Back”, which hit the streets in May.

They also performed “Want You Back” and “Little of Your Love” in a return appearance on Saturday Night Live in June.

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