Tom Petty Update: Reports of Death Premature, Still 'Clinging to Life,' 1

Tom Petty is still alive although he has been removed from life support and has shown no brain activity. (Photo: Getty)

Rocker Tom Petty, widely reported to have died this afternoon, is still clinging to life, although his prognosis is poor and his death could come at any time.

CBS News reported the 66-year-old singer’s death, citing a source in the Los Angeles Police Department.

But the LAPD are Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department would not confirm his death to various news outlets, and said it had not released any information on the matter.

CBS News’ has since followed up with a new report, citing gossip site TMZ, that Petty is still alive and “clinging to life” at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital.

CBS has deleted its tweet about Petty’s death.

Petty was rushed to UCLA Santa Monica Hospital by para-medics who were called to his home Sunday after receiving reports that he was unconscious and not breathing.

His life support was reportedly pulled after he showed no signs of brain activity.

Petty was addicted to heroin in the 1990s, but reportedly kicked the habit. It’s unknown whether drugs triggered his heart attack. Cardiac arrest is often a reaction to a drug overdose.

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