Kate McKinnon Kills It as Kellyanne Conway Sewer Clown 'Kellywise' (see!) 1

Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon plays Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise, the sewer dwelling clown in a hilarious skit. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Kate McKinnon is rivaling
Alec Baldwin‘s
Donald Trump, playing presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway. In her latest “Saturday Night Live” skit, Kellyanne is Kellywise the sewer clown, who haunts CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

McKinnon has largely been getting second billing to Baldwin’s Trump impersonations.

Baldwin pulled off another classic last night in SNL’s cold open. But McKinnon had to be declared the sketch comedy show’s most valuable player after last night’s performance.

Cooper, played by Alex Moffat wraps up a segment of his CNN show and heads out into a rain storm with a copy of the next day’s lineup.

An ill-fated wind rips it out of his hand and it’s swept into the sewer. Cooper peers inside and up pops “Conway” in Pennywise clown makeup.

“Who are you?” says Cooper when Kellyanne pops into view.

“It’s me… Kellyanne Conway,” the clown says. “Kellywise, Kellywise the dancing clown.”

“Put me on TV,” she says. “I’ll give you quote… crazy, crazy quote,” she adds.

But that’s not all she has in store.

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