See What Obama Socialized Health Care Means for US (watch) 1Great Britain is in an uproar over its government run National Health Service for producing a series of ads promoting the use of condoms during sex. Critics say the ads are pornographic. Is this what Obama socialized health care means for the United States?

The ads are shot in cinéma vérité and resemble a sex tape, a la Kim Kardashian or Kendra Wilkinson.

One of the “point of view” videos, with the man holding the camera, shows the woman feeling frisky and seemingly getting a charge out of being filmed.
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Right wing critics of President Obama’s health care plan often cite Great Britain’s health service as an example of the type of “socialized medicine” he is promoting.

Actually, the Obama administration had absolutely nothing to do with the ads. But you don’t really want to believe that do you?

The style of filming is similar to a UK controversial teen drama called “Skins,” according to London’s Daily Mail.

The ad is one of a series produced by the health agency, all around the same theme, showing young couples making choices about using condoms during sex.

The couple in the latest ad has casual sex in various positions while the hand held camera records the action. The woman ends up with a sexually transmitted disease in another ad.

The NHS hopes the campaign, called “Condon, No Condom,” goes viral on the Internet because its ultimate message promotes public health.

Critics of the NHS ad charge that it encourages young people to have sex and is pornographic.

The have launched a campaign on YouTube to flag the video as inappropriate, so only users over 18 can watch it. And, we all know how well that works. (See it below)

Critics also charge that the NHS does not promote abstinence as the “right option” to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

It is grossly irresponsible of the NHS to present a graphic portrayal of unbridled lust in which a young woman is depicted as no more that a sex object and then to tell young men that they have ”made the right choices” simply because they have used a condom,” Norman Wells, director of the UK Family and Education Trust, told the Mail.

“The NHS should not be sending out the message that casual sex ‘leaves no regrets,'” he added.

Rachel Drummond-Hay, who produced the video, said that a friend’s 15-year-old daughter “loved” the film.

In short, teens are paying attention and getting the point.

Drummond-Hay said the ad was meant to be “titillating rather than pornographic.”

What do you think? Click below to check out the ad.
See What Obama Socialized Health Care Means for US (watch) 2