Taylor Swift Ready for It Video

Taylor Swift goes high-tech in her latest video for ‘Ready for It.’ (Photo: ScreenCap)

Taylor Swift’s “Ready For It” video is a high-concept romp through a far-in-the-future dystopian world where she meets her alter-ego, a cyborg in a nude body suit that conveys intimations of nudity and homo-eroticism.

Swift confronts herself in her vision of an Orwellian world where technology has run amok and plunged the world in to shadows.

She makes her way through the dark streets in a hoodie while she raps.

While she’s never technically naked, she as close to it as she can get and still maintain her modesty. She wears a skintight flesh-colored bodysuit that leaves little to the imagination.

The imagery and special effects matches the pounding strains of the song, which is best described as electro-pop.

It’s the third release off her upcoming album and the video is her most bad-ass yet.

If Swift is bucking for a part in a Ridley Scott movie, she’s got the perfect audition tape.

Check it out below, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest music news.

Taylor Swift Intimations of Nudity (Click Photos to Enlarge
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