Fifty Shades Freed Suddenly Creepy in Sex-Scandal Hollywood (New Trailer!) 1

Is Christian Grey really that different from Harvey Weinstein in his lust for control over a woman? Check out the Fifty Shades Freed trailer (Photo: Screen Cap)

The “Fifty Shades” movie series started out as a semi-dark ride into submissive sex involving a powerful man who seduces a young neophyte. But the movie’s themes now seem creepy in sex-scandal ridden Hollywood.

The quest for sex and power echoes a little too closely to Hollywood sex scandals involving powerful men and vulnerable women.

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal exploded in The New York Times, Hollywood has been roiled by allegations against other moguls and A-list actors.

While sexual harassment, assault and even rape have been the common denominators, the underlying issue is the power imbalance between young starlets and men in positions of authority.

Nobody said it better than President Trump, who has been accused by a dozen women of sexually harassing them or worse.

Trump bragged about his celebrity “pussy grabbing” entitlement and his out-sized effort to fuck a married woman, even though he was married himself to his third wife Melania Trump, who was pregnant at the time.

The same dynamic plays out in the “Fifty Shades” movies.

Although the relationship between Christian Grey (James Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is given the veneer of consensual sex, it’s still about power.


He’s got it, and she doesn’t. In “Fifty Shades Freed,” Anastasia develops her own personality and power as their sado-masochistic relationship leads to marriage.

But isn’t that also part of the Weinstein scandal dynamic? Actresses who gave in to his advances or willingly went along were rewarded.

Those who stood their ground were frozen out, or punished.

Of course, there are a few key differences. Weinstein is a toad. Dornan is drop-dead handsome. Should that matter?

The rewards they offered were the same. The best things money could buy and an entre into the corridors of power.

The question is, at what price?

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