Robert Pattinson is caught in the middle of another controversy over bicycle helmet laws in London. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Robert Pattinson has been spotted cycling around London, again riding without a helmet–despite the inherent dangers–setting a bad example for his young fans. Will it take an accident to change his habit?

Bicycle helmets are not required by law in the United Kingdom. The nation’s largest cycling advocacy organization says wearing helmets should be a personal choice.

But the British Medical Association advocates compulsory helmet use as a matter of safety. Helmets have been shown to reduce serious head injuries in crashes.

Pattinson, an avid cyclist, was stopped by police three years ago for violating Adelaide Australia’s mandatory helmet law.

Pattinson wasn’t fined or charged, although he could have been. Police reportedly let him go with a warning. But the high-profile incident came amid an intense local debate over the law.

“I’m always walking around everywhere, although I walk like a maniac. I cycle everywhere in London, which I really miss when I’m in LA,” he told TimeOut London magazine.


New Zealand and parts of Canada have adopted compulsory helmet laws and have seen a decline in cycling deaths since then.

Northern Ireland requires helmets for children. In all, 20 countries have a national mandatory helmet law.

In the United States, state and localities have jurisdiction and laws vary widely.

In London as well as other major cities around the world without helmet laws, the issue is being heatedly debated.

Other celebrities have also collided head-on with helmet laws.

Singer Harry Styles was spotted last year riding without a helmet in london’s Highgate on a 40-year-old bike.


Three years ago, U2 frontman Bono suffered serious injuries, including a skull fracture, in a bike accident in New York City’s Central Park. He was riding without a helmet.

A mandatory bike helmet law was defeated in New York city in 2012.

The famed Tour du France bicycle race made helmets mandatory following the death of racer Andrey Kivilev from head injuries in a 2003 crash.

For the safety of others, Pattinson and other celebrities need to helmet up.

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