Sharna Burgess Nick Carter Dancing With the Stars - ABC

Sharna Burgess who was paired with Nick Carter on Dancing With the Stars, has defended his character in the wake of sex assault allegations against him. (Photo: ABC)

Nick Carter has at least one supporter after he was accused of sex assault. His “Dancing With the Stars” partner Sharna Burgess says Carter was “one of the most respectful people” she’s worked with on the show.

Melissa Schuman, 33, charged earlier this month that Carter forced her to have sex with him at his home in 2002.

Melissa said Nick performed oral sex on her without her consent and made her perform a reciprocal act on him. Then, she said he took her to his bedroom and had sex with her, again, without her consent.

Carter strongly denied the allegations. He insists the sex was consensual.

Sharna said her experience with Carter was just the opposite during her turn with him on the show in 2015. The couple finished second that season.

“What I loved about Nick was that he always took ownership of the things that he’d been through – the darkness in his history, the mistakes that he’d made,” she said.

“He wanted to be very open about them and how he felt about them, even though they were very heavy and hard for him to say out loud, so that he could inspire other people to be better and learn from him,” she added on social media site Twitter.

“Everybody was treated the same by Nick,” she continued. “No one got more attention than the other and even in the most stressful of moments, not once did he ever speak to anybody badly, demand anything, become a diva or show anything ugly.”

Sharna also insisted she wasn’t “slut-shaming” Schuman.

“These are only my thoughts, this is not victim shaming, y’all know me and I would never. Just because I support Nick, doesn’t mean I don’t support female empowerment or #metoo.

“They are both movements that I am a part of, here for and proud of,” she wrote.

Since The New York Times published accounts by women who said they were assaulted or harassed by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, the floodgates have opened to similar allegations against men in power in media, Hollywood, fashion and government.