Roy Moore Ousts Donald Trump as Butt of Late Night Comedy Jokes (See!) 1

Patton Oswalt spoofs Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on the Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Roy Moore has become a caricature of himself on late-night comedy shows, replacing Donald Trump, at least temporarily, as the butt of jokes, thanks to his outlandish personality and dogged fight against child molestation claims.

Moore has been accused by five women of sexual assaulting or sexually harassing them while they were teenagers and he was in his 30s.

One woman said Moore lured her to his cabin, undressed her, fondled her and placed her hand on his genitals when she was just 14.

Two other women have produced written proof that Moore wooed them while they were teenagers.

Even so, Moore has called all of the women liars. He insists he never met any of them, despite a reputation at the time for soliciting teens for sex at the local Gadsden, Ala., shopping mall.

Moore was banned from the shopping center because of his behavior, according to Gadsden locals.

Comedian Patton Oswalt was the latest to lampoon the Alabama Republican. He popped up as Moore on the “Tonight Show” to address the allegations, wearing Moore’s trademark cowboy hat and leather vest.


“Thank you for letting me do this via satellite there Jimmy,” he said. “I’m not allowed anywhere near the Rockefeller Christmas tree.”

Moore, who is known for his hard-right religious views, previewed some new campaign slogans, including: “Don’t Google Me.”

In Alabama, he’s running against Democrat Doug Jones, a former prosecutor, who cracked down on the Ku Klux Klan.

In other late night shows, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he’s in a “Twitter war” with Moore over the appearance of comedian Jake Byrd at a Moore campaign rally. Kimmel aired his appearance.

“If you want to mock our Christian values come down here to Alabama and do it man-to-man,” Moore wrote in a Tweet aimed at the talk show host.

Kimmel says he plans to go to Alabama with a team of high school cheerleaders and meet Moore at the local mall. “Don’t worry, I can get you in,” he said.

On “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Moore has been front and center because of his similarities with President Trump.

And, Stephen Colbert zeroed in on child molestation charges against Moore.

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