Kate Hudson Conan O'Brien

Kate Hudson has had a string of husbands and lovers over the years, but he latest boyfriend is mind-bending. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Kate Hudson said she’s down for anything and “connection” is everything when it comes to dating. But one thing is a definite turnoff and evangelical Christians are none too happy with her snarky reason.

Hudson, 38, raised eyebrows last night during an appearance on the Conan O’Brien show.

During one segment, the conversation turned to dating, and Kate reveals that she’s turned on “generally” by tall men.

“Do you like tall guys?” Conan asked. (He’s 6’4″ tall)

Kate is a not-so-diminutive 5’6″ tall, but when she says tall, she really means tall.

She revealed she once went on a date with a 6’9″ tall football player. “He was huge; he was a linebacker,” she said.

But here’s where she raised the ire of Christians.

“He’ was a born-again, so that kind of threw me off a little bit,” she continued.

“A born-again Christian?” Conan asked.

“Well, yes, I was young and I didn’t know if I could wait that long,” she said.


“He wanted to wait until marriage?” Conan replied like it was the plague.

“So we really only went out for one dinner,” she said to audience howls. “I have nothing against it.”

“It was like, I just don’t think that’s the way my life is going to go,” she added.

As it turns out, however, abstinence before marriage is a big part of the evangelical Christian faith.

Hudson is now dating Danny Fujikawa (6’2″ tall). They first met 15 years ago through his step sisters Sara and Erin Foster , so it’s been a long time coming.

Hudson has two children by different husbands. She had son Ryder, 13, with musician Chris Robinson and son Bingham, 6, with baby daddy Matt Bellamy.

Needless to say, she isn’t waiting until marriage with Fujikawa.

Evangelicals make up about one-quarter of all Christians in the United States. Abstinence before marriage is a cornerstone of their faith.

“Individuals who remain abstinent before marriage have a better chance of remaining faithful in their marriage,” according to Focus on Family, a conservative religious group.

Yet, by the age of 24, 89 percent of males and 92 percent of females have had intercourse,” according to surveys.

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