Rihanna Lights Up Times Square for MTV's Seven (videos) 1

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R&B singer Rihanna knows how to stop traffic, whether its her new flame red hair or her sultry songs. She unleashed both in Times Square last night (Nov. 15) where she performed her No. 1 single “What’s My Name?” for MTV’s The Seven.

She ramped up her red-haired vamp look with the addition of extensions that gave her a flowing lava head of hair down below her shoulders. And, she knew how to whip her locks as she cavorted on stage.

“Thank you, New York! It’s amazing! It’s a lot of people,” she shouted from the stage. “I’m really excited. I’m looking forward to sharing it with the world. I want everybody to get Loud tomorrow.”

Check out Rihanna’s new album art; click to enlarge.

Rihanna Lights Up Times Square for MTV's Seven (videos) 2Rihanna Lights Up Times Square for MTV's Seven (videos) 3Rihanna Lights Up Times Square for MTV's Seven (videos) 4

The reference is to her new album which will be released today (Nov. 16). The album retails for $13.98, but you can buy it through an Improper special offer at amazon.com for $6.99, a savings of $6.99 or 50 percent. Just click the link to go.

“I’m forever changing, growing, so it’ll never be the same thing,” she said. “This album for me was really my way of expressing myself to the fans in an unapologetic way.”

The song is the second single from the album.

The video for “What’s My Name?” was just released and Rihanna told MTV she is looking forward to a chance to work with Nicki Minaj for a video of “Raining Men.” Minaj collaborated on the track.

“We’re trying to figure out the singles now, so who knows?” she said.

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