Donald Trump

Fox News remains on board Donald Trump’s crippled ship, which has been torpedoed by insiders, including former White House Counsel Steve Bannon. (Photo: Getty)

The Donald Trump administration is a shipwreck, torpedoed by insiders who confirmed the worst about the new President. But at Fox News the band plays on, furiously trying to mitigate the damage and keep the president’s tattered reputation afloat.

This time the damaged was caused, not be the fake news media, or left-wing activists.

Instead, the very people Fox News has been hyping for months took down Trump, led by right-wing buccaneer Steve Bannon.

Bannon struck low and hard in Michael Wolff’s new book “Fire & Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

The Breitbart chief asserted unequivocally that Donald Trump Jr. colluded with Russians and would be “cracked like an egg on national TV.”

None dare call it treason, but Bannon did. He said the president was likely in on it as well.

The best defense the administration could muster was to say the former White House Counsel had “lost his mind” after he was fired.

Right-wing propaganda outlets have been thrown into a quandary, forced to choose sides between Bannon or the President.

At Fox News, talking heads were scrambling to find loopholes in the reporting–no matter how small. They dove right through them to defend the president.

In one instance, Fox seized on one small factoid–whether, when or if Trump knew the name of former House Speaker John Boehner–and blew it up to attack the entire book.


The book says he didn’t. Fox commentators dredged up a bunch of Trump Tweets that referred to the Speaker by name. But it’s equally possible Trump forgot who he was.

He’s been dogged by reports that he is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s, a disease that plagued his father in his last days.

No matter.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyer fired off a letter to Wolff and the president of the book’s publisher Henry Holt & Co., threatening a libel suit if the book is released.

The complaint might not be so laughable except for the fact that Trump threatens to sue everybody, and rarely does.

Plus, Trump has no chance in hell of stopping publication, or winning a libel suit, in what basically smacks of a rear-guard action.

The book is clearly protected speech under the First Amendment.

As President, Trump’s a public official and fair game, otherwise he would be a pauper by now for all the slanderous things he’s said about Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s lawyer, Charles J Harder is notorious for conspiring with gay Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel to bring down Gawker Media.

Harder represented wrestler Hulk Hogan, aka Terry Bollea, in a successful invasion of privacy lawsuit secretly financed by Thiel, who was seeking revenge for being outed as gay by a Gawker website.

The White House and Republican cohorts are also taking another tack– attacking the messenger.

Wolfe’s credibility is already being called into question, even though he says he has hundreds of hours of tape recorded interviews to support his reporting.