Bristol Palin Faces Music With Grit on Dancing With Stars (watch) 1Bristol Palin isn’t making it easy for viewers to vote her off ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Although she logically should have been gone long ago, she turned in her best performance yet in the show’s semi-finals.

Palin, 20, who was a single teen unwed mother, has been carried by viewers, who now hold sway over eliminations, week after week, while other better dancers have gotten the boot. But she just may be coming into her own.

The show, however, is coming down to a two-horse race between actress Jennifer Gray and R&B singer Brandy, who have turned in stellar performances almost every week.
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The “Dirty Dancing” and her partner Derek Hough scored three perfect tens for each of her dances.

Brandy, 19, and Kyle Massey were also sharp. But Brandy is the stronger dancer.

Brandy and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy showed off her flexibility as they danced the Pasa Doble.

Palin caused a stir when she told In Touch magazine this week that Chmerkovskiy has been giving her the cold shoulder. “He thinks I don’t deserve to be here because I’m not the best dancer,” Bristol said.

He’s got that right. But if Palin has anything she has grit and determination.

One couple will be voted off the show tomorrow (Nov. 17).

Jennifer Grey’s Waltz

Brandy’s Pasa Doble