Selena Gomez Shockingly Silent as Co-Stars Speak Out on Woody Allen 1

Selena Gomez has been shockingly silent about working with Woody Allen on his new film, while other co-stars have condemned the director. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Selena Gomez has been shockingly silent in the controversy surrounding Woody Allen’s new film, “A Rainy Day in New York,” forcing her mother, Mandy Teefey, to come to her defense on social media.

“Sorry, no one can make Selena do anything she doesn’t want to,” Teefey responded to social media critics.

“I had a long talk with her about not working with him and it didn’t click,” she added.

In October, Hollywood exploded after actresses accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in a New York Times expose of abusing hundreds of women over the course of his career.

Other high-powered directors, producers, studio executives and big-name actors have been caught up in what’s become the #MeToo movement.

Allen has largely been able to avoid the fallout.

But this week, Selena‘s co-star, Timothee Chalamet, said he’s donating his movie salary to Time’s Up, The LGBT Center in New York, and RAINN because of Allen’s unsavory past.

Co-stars Rebecca Hall and Griffin Newman also agreed to donate their salaries and criticized the directer.

The movie also stars Jude Law, Elle Fanning and Liev Schreiber, none of whom have spoken out on the controversy.

But Selena’s silence is particularly deafening because she’s been an advocate for women’s rights. Her mother said it was her own decision.


“No one controls her. She makes all her own decisions. No matter how hard you try to advise. It falls on deaf ears,” Mandy said.

Nearly three years ago, Allen’s step-daughter Dylan Farrow wrote a haunting first-person account of her sexual abuse at the hands of the director in The New York Times.

The allegations exploded publicly during a 1993 custody battle, when then-wife Mia Farrow testified that Dylan had told her the preceding summer that Allen had sexually molested her. She was a pre-teen at the time.

Allen, 82, was investigated but no charges were ever bought.

Since Farrow’s impassioned New York Times article, Allen has continued to make movies with top actresses.

Scarlett Johansson, Cate Blanchett, Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus have all appeared in his films.

Others, however, have called out the director.

Lena Dunham, star and creator of the hit HBO show “Girls,” weighed in on the Woody Allen child abuse scandal and called him “disgusting” and “nauseating.”

Greta Gerwig spoke out against the director on the red carpet at the National Board of Review Awards Gala in New York this week. She worked in his film “To Rome With Love,” but vowed never to work with him again.