Beyoncé Sexually Charged Perfume Ad Banned in UK (watch!) 1Beyoncé’s hot new perfume ad has been banned in Great Britain for its overtly sexual content. British advertising authorities have deemed it “too sexually provocative” to air on daytime television.

The ad for Beyoncé’s first fragrance, called heat, features the 29-year-old singer in a red dress that is open in the front and plunges down to her stomach.

The ad is heavy on cleavage, but stops just short of exposing her full breasts. It opens with her lying naked on what looks like a table.

When the ad appeared recently on two British television stations as well as music channels, it touched off more than a dozen complaints to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, which regulates the content of ads, according to London’s Daily Mail.

The authority ruled that the ad was “too sexually provocative” to be shown on British television before 7:30 at night, and said it should not be seen by young children.

It said the camera focused an inordinate amount of time on her body, and her dress “slipping away.”

In the ad, Beyoncé does nothing more than walk around a room, that seemingly glows red from her body heat.

But she fondles herself, strikes sexually seductive poses and thrusts her hips at the camera.

The ad ends with Beyonce walking through a set of double parlor doors and vanishing in a flash of light, that morphs into the perfume bottle.

“Catch the fever,” she says with one last furtive look.

“Beyoncé Heat. The first fragrance, by Beyoncé,” an off-screen male voice adds.

Coty UK, which makes the fragrance in partnership with the singer, claimed the ad was stylised in keeping with other ads in the genre, and not overtly graphic or explicitly sexual.

At at no point was Beyonce naked, a spokesman told the newspaper “The ad was intended to reflect the singer Beyonce’s personal ‘sexy chic’ style.”
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