Jennifer Lawrence Goes Back to School, Earns 'A' in Political Debate: Who Knew? 2

Jennifer Lawrence is obsessed with current events and recently proved her mettle in a political debate with high school students. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Jennifer Lawrence proved she is more than just Hollywood eye-candy in a surprise visit to a high school, where she more than held her own in a political debate with students. Who knew?

Lawrence, 27, an Oscar winner and star in a number of Hollywood blockbusters, is a member of Represent.US, a non-partisan anti-corruption organization.

The topics covered in the debate were the current U.S. political climate and fixing democracy.

Junior and senior students at Cleveland Heights High School in Cleveland, Ohio, were impressed by “how informed” she was about politics.

“It makes a big difference when people who are just 10 years older than us come to talk about political issues,” said senior Londyn Crehnshaw.

“When she said, ‘this is your time,’ that really made me think,” she added.

The ‘Hunger Games’ actress made waves when she said recently that she would love to confront President Trump.

“I’ve got a pretty good speech. And it ends with a martini to the face,” she quipped.

When asked what she would say she replied “it’s not nice. You wouldn’t want me to say it to you.”

The “mother!” actress admitted she has developed an increasing “obsession” with politics since Trump took office.

That and her other obsession, the Kardashians.

“My political passion has almost turned into an obsession. I mean, I don’t think you ever do feel settled.

“{But] as soon as you feel settled with your home and your personal life, you’re looking at the world and going, ‘How in the hell do I fix this? What do we do?'”

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