Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Have NO Plans to Work Together Now, Or the Future 1

Robert Pattinson haven’t spoken to each other in years, yet tabloids keep insisting–wrongly–they’re getting back together again. (Photo: Getty)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still an item in the hearts of “Twilight” fans, but they are not now, nor are they ever going to appear in another movie together, despite a series of reports in bottom feeding tabloids.

Rob and Kristen were an item for four years, during filming of the five-picture “Twilight” saga.

By the time the shooting stopped, their relationship was also shot, crushing fans’ who saw them as a real-life symbol of “eternal love.”

They broke up acrimoniously in 2013 after Stewart was caught in a cheating scandal with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders.

But that hasn’t stopped low-flying tabloids from continuing to exploit fans for pageviews with claims the pair will get back together.

Rob moved on and dated UK singer FKA Twigs, while Kristen jumped to the other team and started dating a string of women.

Kristen describes herself as “gender fluid” and hasn’t ruled out dating a man, again.

After Rob broke up with Twigs last year, putting him back on the market, tabloid speculation has resumed in earnest.

The latest culprits to float fake Rob-Kristen news are the same old culprits, HollywoodLife and OK! magazine.

The former claimed they would soon be working on a project together. The latter seemed to confirm the story, quoting an anonymous source (as always) that Kristen is open to the idea.

“Separately, they’d each jump at it, but working together isn’t an easy yes for them given the fan hysteria that surrounded their split years ago,” the insider said.

But industry sources tell IM that no movie is in the works and none are contemplated. Gossip Cop , which specializes in debunking fake tabloid news, has reached the same conclusion.

Although Rob has joked about doing another “Twilight” movie, he’s also acknowledged it would be near impossible since vampires aren’t supposed to age, and well, he’s already 31 and has a birthday in May.

In addition, their film careers are headed in different directions and their relationship is still dead.

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