Dan Reynolds Imagine Dragons

Dan Reynolds is up for two Grammy awards, but he’s ’embarassed’ by the nomination because so few women are also nominees. (Photo: Sven-Sebastian Sajak)

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds is speaking out on behalf of female artists and slamming the Grammys for failing to honor more female nominees. He calls the male-dominated categories “embarrassing.”

Reynolds, 30, and the band are up for Best Pop Vocal album and Best Pop Duo/Group at the awards ceremony.

Wouldn’t it be wild if he refused the awards in protest? Of course, he’d have to win first.

Don’t count on it.

The Grammys have had a love-hate relationship with artists for years, if not decades. The stodgy organization has always been one step–or two–behind the industry because it’s dominated by older artists.

“It’s pretty embarrassing. It’s so male dominated, so it’s rad to see the Time’s Up movement. It’s necessary. This industry has been owned by me for years. Men give power to men and it is this cycle,” he told London’s Sunday Mirror newspaper.

The “Radioactive” singer praised the “Time’s Up” and “#MeToo” movements for raising awareness about sex assault and sexual harassment in entertainment.

He insists the music industry is “just as bad” as Hollywood. Several movie moguls have seen their careers end after women spoke up about being sexually abused or harassed.

He’s probably right.

“I think women are finally being heard to some degree. Men can’t just turn their heads away from it. It is un-ignorable,” he said, like un-ignorable is a word.

“We live in an industry which for years has been sexually abusive to women. Men have been super-chauvinistic, it is time to listen to the victims,” he said.

Reynolds is especially sensitive to the subject. He has three daughters, Coco, Arrow, and Giamwith with wife Aja Volkman.

“The least you can do as a male is acknowledge the wrongs of your sex, especially in this industry. My five year old wants to sing and I hope when she is 19 it is a different place,” he said.

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