Randy Rainbow and Donald Trump

Donald Trump will give his first State of the Union address tonight, and if you have any hope at all, you have to watch Randy Rainbow’s latest parody. (Photo: IM Collage)

Randy Rainbow is one of those rare phenomena you can only find on YouTube. His parodies about Donald Trump are hilarious. But his latest spoof says all you need to know about The Donald before his blustery, self-aggrandizing State of the Union Address.

Trump will take to the airwaves tonight to deliver his first address since taking office.

The speeches have always been full of hype. Presidents use it to sum up their accomplishments, the nation’s challenges and how only they can solve all our problems.

And, they’re the responsible ones. Expect Trump to follow the same tack with a triple dose of hype.

In fact, Trump will be reading from a teleprompter script. At least his top aides hope so. They’ll all have their fingers crossed, praying he sticks to it and comes off looking presidential.

But don’t hold your breath. Give a carnival barker a crowd, and no telling where he’ll go.

Trump will talk a lot about his accomplishments, you know, defeating ISIS, the booming economy, etc., But those are the previous administration’s accomplishments.

Trump has largely been coasting in office.

Obama set almost everything that’s happening today into motion during his second term, if not before. Trump, on his own, has generally fucked things up.

He tried and failed to wreck Obamacare, leaving the nation with a healthcare system that’s more broken than ever.

He promised to save all those jobs at Carrier, and you know what? The workers were laid off anyway. Now, it’s Carrier who?

And what about gas prices? Do you notice how high they are? Wasn’t Trump supposed to be the fossil-fuel president. Drill, baby, drill?

Oh, right, he was talking boosting oil company profits, not cutting costs at the pump for the average guy.

You’ll hear a lot about the tax cuts and how they’re helping the average Joe. Sure, the lion’s share is going to the wealthy, but don’t worry, it will trickle down.

The cuts may seem like a good idea, but just wait. Six months from now, the full inflationary effects will start kicking in. The Fed will be forced to hike interest rates to cool the economy, and you know what that means… the Trump recession.

But don’t worry, he’ll find a way to blame it on Hillary, or Obama.

Internationally, he’s made a laughing stock out of the nation around the world. You know the old saying, only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun? Well, now, even the British think were daft.

He’s set Palestinian-Israeli peace talks back decades by taking a key bargaining chip off the table. Earlier this year, he unilaterally declared Jerusalem Israel’s capital.

And, for some dark, and as yet unexplained reason, he’s in deep to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Did he go for the short money? Only Special Counsel Robert Muller knows for sure.

Let’s hope he clues in the rest of the nation soon, so we can end this nightmare before it’s too late.

In light of the recent scandal involving porn star Stormy Daniels, it appears Trump actually did spend the better part of his career “grabbing pussy,” as he claimed in his infamous 2005 open mic tape.

Even after he married third wife Melania, the ravishing Slovenian model (and illegal immigrant), he’s still chasing pussy.

It suddenly makes the so-called Russian “pee-pee” tape seem all the more probable.

As Rainbow says, Trump is bringing back “stupid” and “lying.” In fact, he is the lyingest motherfucker who’s ever held the nation’s highest office, and that’s saying a lot.

When something doesn’t go his way, he simply lies about it. And his base continues to believe every word he says.

Rainbow has the answer for that. He re-mixed Meghan Trainor’s 2014 hit “All About That Bass” to explain the Trumpian ethos.

Definitely watch it below, before the State of the Union speech; otherwise you just might find yourself believing him, too.

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