Stephen Colbert Trump lying

Stephen Colbert is apoplectic over Donald Trump’s deep-seated pathological obsession with lying. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Stephen Colbert raised an interesting question during his monologue last night (Feb.1) about Donald Trump’s deepest pathological obsession. Why does the president need to lie… about everything?

Colbert was zeroing in Trump’s Tweets following the his first State of the Union Address.

“Thank you for all of the nice compliments and reviews on the State of the Union Speech,” he wrote on the social media site.

Then, came the kicker: “46 million people watched, the highest number in history,” he added.

No… not true… a lie.

Make that another lie, one of more than 2,000 he’s told during his first year in office, according to a running tabulation kept by The Washington Post.

For the record, President Obama had 48 million people tune in to his first State of the Union address and 66.9 million people watched President Clinton’s. Incidentally, that’s the real record.

What makes this so disturbing is that Trump has to know he’ll be fact checked. And, if he’s lying, he’ll be caught.

But none of that really seems to matter to him. The question is why?

“It doesn’t matter how many people watched, but what does matter is the president needs to lie about it,” Colbert said.

And here’s the key, somehow gets away with it, the comedian added. “This is the new world we live in.”

“So let me just say this right now, in advance, congratulations to President Trump on winning the Super Bowl. Well played.”

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