Natalie Portman Jackie O in SNL Skit Was Insensitive, Offensive; Here's Why (video) 1

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy arrives with husband John F. Kennedy in Dallas in Nov. 1963. Later he would be assassinated. (Photo: ScreenCap/CNN)

Natalie Portman, this week’s host on “Saturday Night Live,” played First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in a skit about Melania Trump that proved to be insensitive and offensive to the memory of the late First Lady.

Portman, 36, played the late First lady in the 2016, Pablo Larraín-directed film “Jackie.”

If anybody should be sensitive to Kennedy’s memory it should be her.

Natalie Portman Jackie O in SNL Skit Was Insensitive, Offensive; Here's Why (video) 2

Natalia Portman mocks Jackie Kennedy wearing the same outfit Kennedy wore when her husband was assassinated. (Photo: ScreenCap)

The film focused on Kennedy in the wake of the assassination of husband John F. Kennedy in Nov. 1963.

Jackie was riding with the President in an open limousine in a motorcade through Dallas when the president was shot.

On that fateful day, Jackie was wearing a watermelon-colored Coco Chanel knock-off suit with a then-fashionable pillbox hat. It was one of the president’s favorites.

She’d worn it at least six times before that fateful day, according to CNN.

The dress became an iconic symbol of the assassination when Jackie was photographed at the hospital. Her suit was spattered with the president’s blood.

Jackie refused to change out of her clothes and wore them on the plane back to Washington with the president’s body.

Her personal maid put the suit in a bag when Jackie returned to the White House so the first lady wouldn’t have to look at it again.

Fifty years later, the suit is still locked away.

After starring in the movie, Portman should have known that the dress was symbolic of one of the most tragic moments in U.S. history.

It was insensitive and offensive for her to wear it to portray Jackie in a comedy skit.

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