Topless Kate Upton Clings to Breasts as Wave Topples Her During SI Shoot (See!) 1

Buxom blonde Kate Upton desperately clutches her breasts as a wave sweeps her off a rock during a Sports Illustrated photo shoot. (Photo: ScreenCap}

Buxom model Kate Upton only had her breasts to cling to during a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue photo in a scenic spot on the island of Aruba. But that wasn’t enough to keep the model from being swept off her feet by a rouge wave.

The video is going viral on the Internet. (See it Below)

Upton, 25, apparently was unhurt from the incident. She can be seen smiling as assistants rush to her aid as she flounders in about a foot of water.

The magazine has published the issue featuring scantily clad models and celebrities every year since the 1960s. Over time, the bathing suits have grown smaller and smaller.

The issue has also ramped up the number of semi-nude photos. Models typically appear topless, but for the most part, keep their private parts covered with their hands or arms.

Upton was posing for a topless photo, one of few that appear in this year’s issue. She was perched precariously on a rock jutting out from the surf.

Fortunately, an assistant was taking her hand when the wave welled up and pushed her off her feet.

Upton vaulted to fame when she landed on the 2012 swimsuit cover. She made a return appearance in the 2017 issue, posing (you guessed it) braless in a bikini bottom and short jacket.

In a subsequent interview, She said she felt “objectified and ridiculed” and was treated like a dumb blonde after her appearance in the magazine.

We’re not calling her a dumb blonde, but check out the video below. Let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest videos going viral.