Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Donald Trump Over Florida School Shooting (watch!) 1

Donald Trump issues a statement on the shooting that was long on condolences and short on action to protect Americans. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jimmy Kimmel goes right to the source of the problem in the Florida school shooting. Simply it’s President Trump, who has failed once again to do anything more than offer condolences after 14 students were murdered and more than 50 wounded by a loner with an assault rifle.

While Fox News talking-heads, right-wing propaganda sites and Russian twitter trolls want to turn schools into quasi-prisons, the real bear in the room as always is guns.

Since the federal ban on the sale of assault rifles expired in 2004, mass shootings have steadily climbed. Every shooter has been armed with the military-style weapons.

Trump issued a statement yesterday (FEb. 15) that was long on condolences and short on any plan for action on gun control.

Kimmel did a far better job expressing the thoughts of Americans.

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