Donald Trump, Hope Hicks, Nikki Haley

Omarosa said on the new episode of ‘Big Brother’ that someone is sleeping around in the White House.
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Omarosa Manigault worked with Donald Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice” and was close enough to him to join his White House staff, so her latest Trump shocker can’t be ignored. Someone is sleeping around in the White House, she says. And, hey, it wasn’t her!

Omarosa has been dishing on the president ever since she joined the case of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

In Friday’s episode, another “Apprentice” veteran Brandi Glanville, popped the big question and got the ball rolling.

Trump has been caught with his pants down more than once.

A porn star and Playboy playmate are the latest to accuse him of having an affair while married to First Lady Milania Trump. More than a dozen other women have accused him of sexual assault or harassment over the courses of his career.

And, of course, there’s the infamous “open mic” tape. Trump actually bragged about hitting on women and “grabbing them by the pussy.”

So Brandi just had to ask: “Did you ever sleep with him?”

Omarosa recoiled at the question. “Hell no! Oh, my God. Brandi, that’s horrible,” she shot back.

Then, boom!

“I’m not… There’s somebody in the White House that’s sleeping around with everybody, but she is not me… I’ve never had to do that,” she added.

What? Who?

Wait… Author Michael Wolff, who wrote the explosive Trump tell-all “Fire and Fury” claimed that Trump was the one having an affair.

Wolff leveled the allegation during an interview on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“It’s somebody he’s fucking now?” Maher pressed.

“You just have to read between the lines,” Wolff teased.

Based on two passages in the book, speculation zeroed in on two Trump ladies, United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and White House Communications Director Hope Hicks.

Haley quickly denied the allegations; Hicks remained silent.

Hicks has been a long-time Trump disciple who had previously dated disgraced and married former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, 42. She was also linked to disgraced White House Secretary Rob Porter,. He was canned for allegedly abusing two wives and a girlfriend.

Seems like Hope is getting around. Could she be the one?

Incidentally, Omarosa has praised First Lady Melania on the show.

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