This photo of Parkwood shooting survivor David Hogg appeared on an alt-right Web site claiming he was fronting for the FBI. (Photo: Gateway Pundit)

David Hogg, a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting is now being targeted by alt-right commentators and conspiracy theorists, in an effort to minimize fallout from the attack. But late night comedians are putting the focus where it belongs–the gun lobby.

The alt-right is attacking the top photo, suggesting Parkwood survivors are disingenuous. But how is it different from the bottom photo?

Hogg has been one of the most visible students who are calling for new gun controls in the wake of the shooting, which left 17 students dead and dozens wounded.

“We’re children. You guys are the adults. You need to take some action and play a role. Work together. Come over your politics and get something done,” Hogg said, in one of his pointed comments.

Gateway Pundit, a far-right propaganda site, led off the attack yesterday. Its White House correspondent, Lucian Wintrich, (yes Trump gave the site credentials) attacked Hogg because his father is a retired FBI agent, according to liberal site ThinkProgess.

So what’s the upshot? Well, Hogg is obviously being used by the FBI to deflect criticism of the agency by talking about gun control.

It’s all part of the FBI’s secret plan to increase its power and steal power, Wintrich reported.

“We’ve seen similar moves by them many times over. This is just another disgusting example of it,” he wrote.

As usual, Wintrich fails to substantiate the claim with, you know, evidence.

Ironically, other alt-righters slam the students for posing, smiling, for a photograph with a CBS reporter. It claimed they’re “partying like rock stars,” suggesting their pleas were disingenuous.

The site, however, makes no mention of the photo-op, showing a grinning President Trump posing with one of the injured survivors in a hospital room.

Trump was widely criticized for playing golf while student funerals were being held at the same time.

Russian bots have also joined the fray, posting hundreds of Tweets on the social media site, according to multiple reports.

Meanwhile, late night comedians were having none of it.

John Oliver launched the fifth season of his show “Last Week Tonight” with a commentary on last week’s shooting. Oliver the conservative reaction was all too familiar.

“Thoughts and prayers? Fuck your thoughts and prayers. It’s a mental health problem. Yeah, but it’s also a gun problem. And then someone says, ‘Now’s not the time to talk about gun control’ and everyone moves on until it inevitably happens again.”

But Oliver said this attack might be different.

“When the ‘now’s not the time’ argument came out, the kids from that school said, ’You know what? Yes, it fucking is,” he said.

Check out the videos below.