Emma Watson guest edits the latest issue of Vogue Australia and sets out her vision for the future. (Photo by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Australia)

Emma Watson lit up social media when to tat on her arm proved to be ungrammatical at an Oscars party. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Emma Watson, left her adorable brainy Harry Potter character behind long ago, but held onto the brains. She guest edits the latest issue of Vogue Australia and shows off her intellectual prowess by issuing a manifesto for change. The issue is dedicated to “Designing the Future.”

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Watson, now 27, continues to evolve herself.

After her 10-year run in the “Harry Potter” movies, she took time off to get a college degree in English Literature at ivy-league Brown University. She now considers herself an actress, model, and activist.

In July 2014, she was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill ambassador. She’s traveled to a number of countries and spoken out about women’s rights.

Watson has also become a force in fashion. She’s repped for both Burberry and Lancôme. She also served as an adviser to People Tree, a Fair trade fashion brand.

Here’s the stirring introduction to her Vogue issue.

After a year dominated by an alarming newsfeed, it seems we have hit a turning point in 2018. Silenced voices are becoming amplified and media outlets are shining a spotlight on the people and groups challenging for change. The pages to follow in this issue, Designing the Future, is a part of that change. The word ‘change’ can be intimidating, riddled with expectation of outcomes and fear of failure. So I want to propose something to you: when steering a boat, a captain can shift the wheel one degree and it drastically changes the course of the boat. I would like to challenge you, after reading this issue, to make a one-degree shift, because a small change can make a huge difference. Thank you, Vogue Australia, for allowing me this platform to share stories and movements I care about. Thank you, Peter Lindbergh, for your careful eye and such a joyous shoot. Thank you to all the collaborators for sharing your voice and your self. And lastly, thank you to anyone picking up this issue and reading it. You are the biggest piece to the puzzle of our global wellbeing. Join me in a one-degree shift!

Through it all, she’s never lost her power at the box office. Watson played Belle in the 2017 live action Disney adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast,” opposite Dan Stevens. The picture grossed more than $1.3 billion world wide.