Justin Theroux Puppies

Justin Theroux cuddled puppies on Instagram, his first post since splitting from Jennifer Aniston. (Photo: Justin Theroux/Instagram)

Justin Theroux may have ditched America’s Sweetheart, but that doesn’t mean he’s not sweet. He loves puppies! He also gave a shout out to Selena Gomez… whoa what’s that about?

Theroux went straight to the dogs for first social media comment since his marriage to Jennifer Aniston ended.

In this case, the pups were abandoned at the Austin, Texas “Pets Alive” shelter, which saves pets from kill shelters.

But what’s with the Selena shout out? He’s 46, she’s 25 and dating Justin Bieber.

Puppies, aside, it just seems a little weird for a guy his age to shout out to a young starlet nearly half his age, so soon after his marital breakup.

He posted a photo on Twitter holding two tiny puppies and urged his followers to adopt them. He captioned the photo:

“Texas!!! Another very inspiring visit with the incredible people and pups @austinpetsalive. I cannot understand how they do what they do, day after day, so consistently and lovingly to save so many dogs and cats. I HIGHLY recommend going in and getting your nose bit by a toothless baby pitbull. Thes two aren’t yet ready to go, but when they are go get em…

He added: “Oh! And hey Houston! You have a Pets Alive no kill shelter there too! @houstonpetsalive. Thank you APA! #pitbull #austin #texas #adoptdontshop #seniordogsrule… and #SelenaGomez.”

#Yeah that’s right selena i did it to you again but if you saw these guys you’d do whatever you could too. also, i know you’re chill like that.” he added as all one hashtag.

It’s the first time, he’s posted on social media since the split went public last week (Feb. 15). But no mention of Jen, or the split.

Theroux and the former “Friends” star, 49, announced their separation in a joint statement. They revealed the two-year marriage had actually ended at the end of last year.

For much of the last year, the two were apparently living apart, according to tabloid reports, which effectively means their marital bliss ended fairly quickly.

Jen is a dog lover. She had a beloved dog was called Norman. No word on whether she’ll adopt one of the pups.