Jennifer Aniston Does New York While Filming Wanderlust (video) 1Jennifer Aniston is roaming the streets of New York City filming her new movie, “Wanderlust” looking every bit like a hip-Manhattanite in black leather, tight jeans and black turtleneck sweater.

Aniston, 41, was shooting scenes this morning (Nov. 18) with co-star Paul Rudd on the streets and in a downtown realtor’s office.

The movie is about a hip urban couple who end up in a hippie commune. Aniston strips down and trips on some psychedelic drugs as the couple seek to rediscover themselves.

Rumors that Aniston would go topless in the movie persist.

“I’m not going to botch that rumor,” Wanderlust costar Malin Akerman told E! News.
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“There’s a very big maybe, yes,” she said.

Jen’s reps, however, shot down the rumor weeks ago. While the actress will show some skin, her private parts will remain under cover.

As for Jen’s on screen drug use, “It’s actually more ayahuasca tripping,” she says. “Ayahuasca, that crazy peyote-like drug. So there might be a little crazy sequence in there, yeah.” says Akerman.

Jen has been getting into a little craziness in New York, as well.

She made a surprise appearance as part of an ensemble cast in the annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway fundraiser on Sunday night.

“She’s known about the show for weeks, but whether or not she could perform depended on her shooting schedule. She actually came right from the set,” a source said.

“She did fantastic, and the crowd went wild. What’s not to love? It’s Jennifer Aniston,” friend and fellow actress Kathy Najimy said.

The benefit draws together some 24 actors, six writers and six directors who come up with six original short plays over the course of one day.

The actors were given 12 hours to rehearse before performing at the American Airlines Theater before a live audience.

Elijah Wood, Julia Stiles, Nia Vardalos, America Ferrera, Claire Danes, Alicia Witt, Sam Rockwell and Kyra Sedgwick are among the stars who participated.

What does Jennifer Aniston do after a long day of film acting? A little impromptu theater acting, of course.

Aniston played the spirit of a dead dog in The Bitch Downstairs, one of the six short plays.

The “Bounty Hunter” star was spotted out to dinner with three friends at Ty Lounge earlier this week.