All You Need to Know About Donald Trump Immigration Policy in One Video (See!) 1

“They’re murderers, rapists, and some – I assume, are good people.” – Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s take on illegal immigration is inscrutably narrow. He thinks they’re murderers, rapists drug dealers… and, he assumes, a few “good people.” But his relentless war against those in the country without permission is much broader than that.

Since the roundup began under his administration, ICE agents have arrested business owners and established residents who have been here decades, breaking up communities and families without regard to the impact on children.

How do you make sense of it all? You don’t.

New Jersey musician and longtime IM contributor David Fagin captures the brutality and horror of Trump’s crackdown in the only way you can; he parodies it in a stinging new video titled “Wonderwall.”

Josh Jones directed the video, which was produced by Noshpit Entertainment at New Jersey’s own TCMG Studios in Union City.

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