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Russian spy Anna Chapman posted this photo from her trip to Thailand on her social media account. (Photo: Instagram)

Anna Chapman, anything but a Red Sparrow when her bumbling spy ring was busted in 2010, has resurfaced in the middle of international intrigue over the attempted London murder of Russian turncoat Sergei Skripal. The connection is more than coincidental.

Anna Chapman a Nuclear Bomb
Anna Chapman Maxim

The red-hot Russian often went nuclear under the sheets, says her ex-husband Alex Chapman.

“Anya was great in bed and she knew exactly what to do,” said Chapman, who married the woman then known as Anya Kushchenko in 2002. “The sex was great and she had this incredible body. I hadn’t met anybody like her before,” he told London tabloid News of the World. “I was infatuated with her.”

Their love live quickly turned kinky, he said. Anya was into BDSM. She liked both whips and nipple clamps.

In 2010, the fetching redhead was busted along with nine other Russians in what turned out to be a spy ring nested in New Jersey. She eventually was repatriated to Russia in a swap for four Western agents. Skripal was one of them.

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Now Skripal is fighting for life after he was believed to have been poisoned, allegedly by Russian agents. He collapsed while walking in a London park. His daughter, Yulia, and a police officer were also injured by the suspected poison.

In the wake of the grave international incident, Chapman has emerged to defend Russia and denounce Skripal.

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“As always Russia is guilty by default – despite the fact that traitor Skripal was pardoned by the President [Vladimir Putin] and released,” she said in a social media post. “When investigating any murder, the first issue is the motive of the crime,” she advised.

“‘In any case, Russia is definitely not interested in such scandal. Does the West needs proof to blame Russia?” she added.

Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter were found unconscious only a day after Yulia arrived in Britain on a two week visit from Moscow, where she lives, according to London’s Daily Mail.

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Ironically, Chapman was recently in Thailand, where Anastasia Vashukevich, a self-described Russian “seductress,” is being held in jail for working without a permit. Vashukevich, the former mistress of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, claims she has info linking Trump to Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

She’s trying to use it to barter her way to political asylum in the United States.

Anna Chapman’s mug shot, courtesy of the FBI.

Chapman posted photos on her Instgram page showing her in a swimsuit on Phuket at Nai Harn Baan-Bua – a sumptuous jacuzzi villa complex where a minimum three night stay costs around £600, according to the London tabloid.

The former spy is said to have parlayed her fame into a small fortune and gave birth to a son in 2015.

She has worked as a TV presenter on a show called Mysteries of the World for Ren-TV, a channel owned by National Media Group, headed by ex-Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 34, rumoured to be Putin’s secret mistress.

Chapman also owns her own fashion boutiques in Moscow. She routinely posts glamour shots on her Instagram account.

Back when she was arrested, her ex-husband posted sexy pictures of her online, showing her in kinky poses.

Shortly after her release, she posed in the Russian edition of Maxim magazine. Check out her photos below.

Anna Chapman: From Russia With Love (Click Photos to Enlarge!)