Stormy Daniels 60 Miutes

Who knows what words can come out of the mouths of babes? Will Stormy Daniels tell all on her ’60 Minutes’ interview? (Photo: Stormy Daniels/Instagram)

A storm is brewing and by that we mean Stormy Daniels. The clock is ticking on her upcoming “60 Minutes” interview this Sunday, and rumors about what she’ll say are already flying. Would you believe Donald Trump likes to be humiliated and denigrated during sex?

According to one report, that’s supposedly going to be one of the big reveals about Trump’s sexual, shall we say, tastes?

Oddly, during a 2011 interview about her year-long affair, Daniels said “the sex was nothing crazy” and called it “textbook generic.”

Of course, she’s a porn star, so “generic” to her could be pretty kinky in the eyes of Trump’s Republican, ahem, “family values” base.

Even in bed, Trump is prone to pulling a fast one. Stormy, real name Stephanie Clifford, said the president did not use protection.

“It was kind of in the moment. And I was really kind of upset about it because I am so, like, careful,” she said in the interview.

But, hey, least you doubt her word, she added: “I can definitely describe his junk perfectly, if I ever have to.”

Right, pretty gross. But it just might happen. Daniels is suing Trump to get out of a non-disclosure agreement that barred her from talking about the affair in exchange for $130,000.

Trump denies have sex with that woman (Hello, Bill Clinton), so Stormy might just have to call the president’s bluff with a picture perfect discription of his schlong.

Stephen Colbert has already picked up some of the rumors and talked about that last night during his monologue. He was kidding, of course?

Maybe not. Tick… tick… tick… But we’ll find out soon enough.

Check out the clip below.