Kim Kardashian Vulgar Interview Offensive to Disabled, Incontinent (Video) 1

Kim Kardashian let it all hang out… almost, in a revealing dress at Paris Fashion Week. (Photo: Julien M. Hekimian/Getty)

Kim Kardashian betrays her beauty with a vulgar interview that’s narcissistic and offensive to anyone who is disabled and incontinent. She goes off the rails explaining how she has left exacting details about her hair and makeup if she’s too ill to talk… or worse… “shitting on herself.”

Yep, Kardashian really said that without apology to those who really are disabled and incontinent.

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“Absolutely. I made a section [in her will] that if I am so out of it that I can’t even communicate and I’m, like, shitting on myself, I definitely need my hair, my nails and my make-up done,” she confirmed in an Elle magazine interview. “I want to look as good as possible.”

Kim also reveals why she’s always dressing like an 8th Avenue hooker. She gets “inspirational” emails from husband Kanye West. He tells her everything from what to wear to where they should go on vacation, she says.

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There’s a backstory to that. Tabloids have reported that Kanye is thoroughly dominated by the Kardashian clan, including Kim’s momager Kris Jenner.

But Kim insists otherwise.

“Absolutely he does. Kanye sent me an email to not wear huge sunglasses anymore and what he does is he’ll just send me amazing mood boards and great references of smaller glasses and say ‘Oh my god, you have to have your team find these’ and ‘These look really cool, you have to find these.’ He sends me inspirational e-mails. Whether it’s home decor or vacation spots, he sends me these mood boards. He’s really good at that.”

Kim also sees no conflict between her role as a mother to North, 4, Saint, 2 and three-month-old Chicago and her racy, often nude, photos.

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“A third baby will not stop me from posting racy photos. I will always post whatever I want to post and nothing will stop me,” she said.

Spoken like a true narcissist. The video interview is expletive filled. Check it out, click here. You can read her interview in Elle.