Paul McCartney Makes Touching John Lennon Tribute at Anti-Gun March (Video) 1

Paul McCartney made a powerful statement against violence on the spot where John Lennon was gunned down. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Beatles legend Paul McCartney was a face in the crowd at the March for Our Lives protest in New York City, but he was one of countless numbers who have been touched by gun violence. He took a stand near the spot where Beatles bandmember and friend John Lennon was gunned down in 1980.

The 75-year-old icon wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the words, ‘We Can End Gun Violence’to show his support for more sensible gun restrictions in the United States.

McCartney expressed his feelings in a few touching words.

“One of my best friends was killed in gun violence right around here, so it’s important to me,” he told told CNN.

“This is what we can do, so I’m here to do it,” he said.

Lennon was killed outside the Dakota apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side by Mark David Chapman, who was armed with a handgun.

Demonstrators turned out in more than 800 cities around the country to call for an end to gun violence. The march in Washington, D.C. drew and estimated 800,000 people.

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