Millie Bobby Brown Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown dished on her ‘Stranger Things’ castmates at Paleyfest. They honeymoon is over, she says. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Millie Bobby Brown , who has supernatural powers on the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things,” turned her power of observation on her castmates during a forum at PaleyFest. And, she noted, they’re all a budding bunch of divas.

She says she and her castmates “argue all the time.”

But it wasn’t always that way.

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The 14-year-old actress quickly forged a close relationship with her young co-stars when the unknown and untested show began filming.

But now that it’s a success, attitudes are changing.

Millie explained:

“It was like a relationship actually, because it felt like we went through a honeymoon stage. We would be, like, really nice to each other. We didn’t want to do anything that would hurt each other’s feelings. Now it’s so different. We are actually siblings. We argue all the time.”

“Once we first met each other I think we were all very outgoing. So it was just easy to connect. It wasn’t actually hard,” added co-star Caleb McLaughlin, 16.

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So far, Millie says the arguments are over trivial matters such as “Why are you eating my chips?”

“It’s little remote control arguments,” said McLaughlin.

Brown says they’re still a family, but more like squabbling siblings.

Fortunately, Season 2 cast arrival Sadie Sink is the peace keeper.

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“Sadie doesn’t argue though! She’s like, ‘Guys, everybody calm down,'” said Brown.

Sadie raised some eyebrows herself when she walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week. At 15, she flouted fashion industry guidelines that ban underage models from appearing in major shows.

She’ll return for Season 3.

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The show was a huge hit the first season out and maintained its popularity during Season 2. Now fans are eagerly anticipating Season 3.

“I’ll get in so much trouble. I can’t say much. But we are going back to work next month and we’re super excited,” said Director Shawn Levy.

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