Utah State Trooper Cade Brenchley

Utah State Trooper Cade Brenchley talks about his car accident surrounded by his family at a news conference. (Photo; ScreenCap)

In an amazing video, Utah State trooper Sgt Cade Brenchley was making a traffic stop on a snowy highway when he was slammed by a skidding car. Brenchley was hurled through the air and ricocheted off the stopped car. The dramatic video is going viral.

From the video, it looks as though Brenchley was seriously injured by the force of the impact. But he lived to tell about it.

He broke several ribs and his scapula and was knocked unconscious, according to the local Cache Valley Daily newspaper.

“I’m grateful to be here and I’m grateful to have the friends that I have and the family that I have that are so supportive,” he said in an interview with ABC News.

The driver of the car visited him in the hospital afterward. “She came up while I was laying in the road and was kind of in hysterics and kind of apologetic. She’s not to be vilified. She made a mistake,” he said.

“When I watched the video I had no idea it was that hard,” he said. Brenchley could not remember being hit.