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Selena Gomez and mom Mandy Teefey have agreed to disagree about Justin Bieber. (Photo by Steve Miesel for Coach)

Selena Gomez mom Mandy Teefey revealed that Selena has frozen her out of any conversation about Justin Bieber. And with good reason. Mandy doesn’t like Justin and thinks he’s bad for her.

“You would know before I did. We don’t talk about it,” Teefey told E! News when asked about what’s happening between the two.

Justin, 24, and Selena, 25, made headlines recently when they got back together. But the romance didn’t last long. They parted ways with each professing love for the other.

“He isn’t dating. He thinks and talks about Selena all the time. The chapter with her is definitely not finished,” a so-called source told People.

Selena’s friends and family weren’t happy when they got back together. They’re not convinced he’s still not a lout.

With good reason. Justin has a long history of boorish behavior.

By all accounts, Bieber often treated Selena like a side-girl and his constant flirting was more than she could take.

Selena was humiliated when then-boyfriend Justin was spotted at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show hitting on Hungarian model Barbara Palvin.

In 2013, video went viral of the then-19-year-old singer peeing in a mop bucket in the bathroom of a New York City restaurant.

In 2014, Selena had just gone back with Justin when she was caught up in another ugly, career-damaging incident, involving the singer’s alleged assault on a fan.

She was also compelled to testify in a civil suit against the singer filed by a photographer, who claims Bieber started a fight. Selena was with him at the time.

Her relationship with Justin was often described as “soul sucking.” But she hasn’t been able to quit him.

“Justin does care what her friends and family think and has tried to win them over, but some of them are just over it. They’re there for Selena and support her no matter what, but don’t feel like they need to welcome back Justin,” the source said.

“If you notice, Selena keeps her friends and Justin separate – when she’s with Justin, it’s just Justin, and when she’s with her old friends, it’s just them. They don’t really overlap anymore.”

No wonder, Selena’s mom has questioned whether Justin is a suitable boyfriend.

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