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Stormy Daniels Trump Affair Claim Legit, Seth Rogan Tells Ellen (Video)

Stormy Daniels Donald Trump

Seth Rogen says he knew a decade ago about Donald Trump’s 2006 affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. (Photo: Stormy Daniels/MySpace)

Stormy Daniels and Seth Rogan go way back. She starred in two of his films and talked about her affair with Donald Trump, then nothing more than a reality television celebrity, almost a decade ago. Why would she lie now that he’s President of the United States?

Daniels made appearances in Rogen’s 2007 movie “Knocked Up” and 2005’s “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” although she didn’t get a cast credit in either.

She had the affair in 2006 after meeting Trump at a golf event in Lake Tahoe, Calif.

“I’ve known Stormy Daniels a long time, and I’ll be honest, she may have mentioned some of this stuff around 10 years ago,” Rogen said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“At the time, when you ask a porn star who they’ve been sleeping with and the answer was Donald Trump, it was like the least surprising thing that she could’ve said,” he said.

Rogan appears on the show today (Apr. 2) He told DeGeneres it’s easier to have adult film stars portray strippers than it is to have non-adult film actresses play them.

He hasn’t kept up with the porn star since, and was as shocked at anyone else when he learned Trump had paid her $130,000 before the election to keep quite.

“Again it wasn’t — at the time — wasn’t that surprising and then, as [Trump’s] campaign rolled out, it became clear that no one cared about anything he did,” Rogen said.

“So, it didn’t really occur to me even that it would come out or that anyone would care about it, but then when I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, Stormy told us all about that.'”

Daniels is now locked in a bitter lawsuit with Trump to get out of a non-disclosure agreement she signed before the election.

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