Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is all about building a business brand these days. (Photo: Brigitte Lacombe for W magazine)

Hot mess (no longer?) Lindsay Lohan has finally found someone she can talk down to… the President of the United States! WTF? Yep, Lohan weighed in this morning on Donald Trump’s problems finding a lawyer crazy enough to represent him on the Robert Mueller Russia probe.

Lohan, who was recently asked to speak at Harvard University, isn’t going scholar. She’s actually representing a new client,

“Hey, @realDonaldTrump heard you need a lawyer… at we are always here for everyone ;)” she wrote on Twitter.

Most recently, Trump lawyer Ty Cobb jumped ship, reportedly because the president was consistently failing to take his advice. That leaves him with only one lawyer, Jay Sekulow.

Two long-time, right-wing lawyers Joe DiGenova and wife Victoria Toensing said they would join his team, but then bailed over a conflict of interest.

Since then, five large law firms have turned down the President, according to CNN. Linday’s chirpy recommendation is obviously a ploy for publicity.

The legal Web site is a clearing house for lawyers who handle such cases as divorce, drunk driving, bankruptcy, immigration cases and other civil law cases. No word on the site whether white-collar crime is a specialty.

Incidentally, Lohan is no longer a hot mess.

After an extended stay in the United Kingdom, she’s back in the United States and working on building a brand. And, hey, she no longer has her faux Euro accent. She now calls Dubai home, according to W magazine.

Lohan announced her representation of last month, and it kind of makes sense. Her long string of legal problems eclipsed her once promising acting career, beginning with her DWI arrest in 2007.

Now 31, Lohan is all grown up. Well almost. Last month she got into a spat with Kim Kardashian over a late-night talk show shout-out from Lisa Kudrow.

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