Cynthia Nixon High Hopes for Governor: Would Legalize Pot in New York (Video) 2

Cynthia Nixon says she’s ready to legalize pot if she’s elected New York Governor. (Photo: Wendy Williams Show)

Cynthia Nixon, best known as Miranda in the hit HBO show “Sex and the City” foresees some high times if she’s elected governor of New York. She told Wendy Williams legalizing pot would be at the top of her agenda.

Wendy must have winced when she said that; her son was addicted to K2, also known as synthetic marijuana.

But, hey, it’s not about getting the state high.

“Let’s capture some of that revenue,” she said on the show, which aired today (Apr. 4).

She also thinks the state could do more to enact tough gun controls. In a shot at Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo, she said New York missed out on a “real watershed moment” to tighten gun control laws as part of the state budget.

Apparently Cuomo was tuning in. Shortly after Nixon went on the air, he sent an email to supporters reminding them the new budget includes a measure to force convicted domestic abusers to give up all their guns. Cuomo wrote:

“The recent wave of mass shootings in our country is horrifying, and the federal government’s failure to act in any meaningful way is unconscionable. Our gun laws are already the strongest in the nation, and with this legislation, we are going even further and will continue to lead the fight to end gun violence.”

Nixon, 51, is still getting her political legs. When she talked about the killing of Stephon Clark she referred to “black men of color.” Say what?

“Too often our elected leaders, they talk about killings when it’s a lot of children in a school. But when it’s young black men of color who are being shot by the police unarmed … if we’re going to say black lives matter, we have to mean it and we have to implement change.”

Nixon who is running as a Democrat conceded that her challenge of a sitting two-term governor would be tough. But, hey, what if Cuomo runs for president?

Then, she’d look pretty shrewd.

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