Anne Hathaway Nails Kate Middleton on SNL (watch!) 1

Anne Hathaway plays Kate Middleton and Andy Samberg plays Prince William on SNL.

Anne Hathaway could have a second career as a Kate Middleton impersonator after a hilarious “Saturday Night Live” skit. It equaled former SNL star Tiny Fey’s dead-on caricature of failed Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

No member of the royal family was spared, from Queen Elizabeth II to husband Prince Phillip turned on her the minute Prince William’s back was turned.

The normally decorous royals turned to trash talking once the door closed behind Prince William and they had Middleton in private.

They talked with a crass, lower-class Cockney accent as the mocked their grandson’s future bride and accused her of trying to cut in on the “palace action.”
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SNL regular Bill Hader played dirty old man Prince Phillip.

“When it comes to being a wife, when you’re out there waving to a parade, you be Princess Di, you be Princess Grace. But in the bedroom think Fergie,” he said in reference to the randy Duchess of York.

Andy Samberg played Prince William and Fred Armisen played the Queen.

“You think you can just show up and take over and do a bit of Queening?,” Middleton is grilled.

‘You want a piece of our palace action eh?’ Prince Phillip added.

“This is not The Princess Diaries,” Phillip advised. Check it out below: