Carrie Coon Avengers Infinity War

Carrie Coon is set to provide the voice and motion capture for a Black Order villain in the new Marvel Avengers movie. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Carrie Coon, who stars in the FX series “Fargo,” and the HBO drama series “The Leftovers,” has a new role. She’s been cast as Proxima Midnight in “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Coon, 37, joins a long list of actors who have been cast as villains in the Marvel Avengers series. They’re almost as famous as the superheroes.

“Infinity War” directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo revealed Coon’s role in an interview with British magazine Radio Times.

Proxima is a member of the Black Order. Carrie, who is pregnant with her first child, confirmed the role on Twitter: “It’s true! My voice and a dazzle of gifted animators have teamed up to play Proxima Midnight,” she wrote.

“Kong: Skull Island” star Terry Notary and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, will join Coon’s Proxima Midnight, the only female Black Order member. Vaughan-Lawlor will voice Ebony Maw and Notary will voice Cull Obsidian in the motion-capture movie.

Josh Brolin voices and performed the motion capture for Black Order leader, Thanos, but the voice actor for Black Order member Corvus Glaive is still a mystery–as is much of the plot.

Producers are even keeping the actors in the dark about the new movie.

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the role of Scarlet Witch said the cast of “Avengers: Infinity War” still don’t know the title to its sequel, shot immediately after “Infinity War” last year.

“When are they releasing the name? I have no idea what it is. I’ve been calling it ‘Avengers 4,'” she said.

Elizabeth also revealed she’s been sworn to secrecy regarding the film’s plot.

“We can choose to sit in a locked private room with an iPad that has the full script – which also has a bunch of lies in it – because they won’t print the full script. But if you don’t want to do that, they give you your pages that pertain to your character, and then they orally explain to you what’s happening in the rest of the movie.”

“So we do know what happens as much as they have given us … unless they’re lying to us, and planting strange seeds.”

The ensemble superhero movie opens worldwide on April 25.