Tom Hardy as Venom is the product of good science gone bad in a new trailer for the Marvel comics movie. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Tom Hardy plays Venom, the latest anti-hero in the Marvel universe. A new trailer reveals the same formulaic plot lines of other superhero movies. Science, or make that mad science, creates the ultimate villain-hero, once again.

What is it about science that unnerves people so much?

Human discovery is as old as Archemedes, but mad science was born with the first wave of technological breakthroughs at the dawn of the industrial revolution in the 19th century.

Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus,” published in 1818, is considered the first true science fiction story. It’s protagonist is the result of a young’s scientist’s experiment gone wrong.

It’s been pretty much the same, ever since. Science is the ultimate bad guy, again, in “Venom.”

If the character seems familiar that’s because it appeared more than a decade ago in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3,” played by Topher Grace, according to Variety.

Hardy plays Eddie Brock, a tough journalist, who delves into the activities of a shady corporation engaged in–you guessed it–scientific experiments involving a new alien life form called a symbiote.

The symbiote is an liquid-like being that needs a host to survive. usually human, to survive, according to the comic book series. After bonding, the human adopts the symbiote’s powers.

In the trailer, Brock shows the results when he kicks the butts of some goons who show up at his run-down apartment to kill him. He doesn’t quite know what happens. Then it dawns on him that he is part symbiote.

“We are Venom,” he declares.

The clip debuted last night, during the CinemaCon 2018 Gala opening night event in Las Vegas.

Riz Ahmed, Reid Scott and Michelle Williams co-star in the film. Guess who also grabs a credit? Woody Harrelson, who has become a fixture in disaster movies.

Ruben Fleischer directs the picture off a script by Scott Rosenberg (“Jumanji”) and Jeff Pinkner (“The Dark Tower”), and Kelly Marcel.

Venom hits theaters on Oct. 5.

Check out the trailer below.