Kanye West Donald Trump Meme

The bromance is on! Kanye West Tweeted his love for Donald Trump, causing a Tweet storm of memes, this one from The Daily Show. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Kayne West’s embrace of Donald Trump was too insane to ignore on late night television. Of course, Ye was just sharing the love–and laying the groundwork for his own presidential run as a Republican. But, yeah, there’s humor in that, not to mention drop dead irony.

“I don’t even know what happened here,” said The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah. I think Kanye West realized he’s too rich to not be Republican.”

“And, you know this is also going to confuse people on Fox News, right?”

“Why don’t these celebrity rap thugs stay out of politics and…” said Noah. But not this time. “Sorry, I mean, this guy understands the American people. He understands all of them.”

To say West is all over the political map would be an understatement. You may recall, he accused President George W. Bush of hating black people.

“George Bush doesn’t care about black people, but he’s the same guy who loves Trump? …This is the same guy who loves Nazis.”

Stephen Colbert tried to figure out ways Kanye could be worked into the administration. Maybe, he could be the new communications director, “Kellyann Kanye.”

“Have you been hanging out with Dr. Ronny Johnson?”

But then, “things took an even stupider turn,” said Colbert.

“Because Donald Trump actually responded to Kanye, I assume because an alarm went off in the White House that someone on Twitter was being crazier than him.”

“Yes, it was a total bro-fest. Look for their new album, Yeezy & Sleazy.”

Even the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon weighed in, and he usually goes light on the Trump stuff.

Fallon went all in on Trump in his monologue last night, hitting on French President Emmanuel Macron’s state visit, the White House correspondent’s dinner, Trump’s pick to head the VA, Dr. Ronny Johnson, and, of course, Kanye.

“Trump just made Kanye Secretary of Dragon Energy,” Fallon noted.

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