Donald Trump’s doctor Harold Bornstein revealed that the president faked his medical letter released during the 2016 campaign. (Photo: NBC News)

Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign medical report, released during a heated debate over his and rival Hilary Clinton’s health, was glowing. And no wonder! He wrote it himself, Harold Bornstein, his doctor of 35 years said in a new interview, which means Trump won the presidency under false pretenses.

The revelation raises a thorny legal question whether the president, and or Bornstein, committed fraud when he released the letter and represented it as the opinion of his doctor.

Clinton was attacked mercilessly by Trump, right-wing media, Fox News and conspiracy theorists who claimed she was too ill to be president. Clinton, of course, is as strong and as active as ever.

She released a full medical report from her doctor, detailing all of her medical conditions. Trump, on the other hand, released a one-page letter signed by Bornstein. It stated that, if elected, he would “be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

The letter was called into question at the time because of it was unprofessional. Now there is a reason for that. Bornstein said he never wrote it. Rather Trump dictated it to him.

“He dictated that whole letter. I didn’t write that letter. I just made it up as I went along,’ he told CNN outside his Park Avenue office.

Claims that Trump is in perfect health took a nose dive during the campaign after his personal physician revealed he spent all of five minutes “writing” the letter. It was also derided because it showed a lack of medical expertise.

Bornstein said then, that the 71-year-old’s physical condition was nothing short of “excellent.”

The doctor’s decision to come forward now was allegedly prompted by what he called a “raid” on his office last year. Keith Schiller, Trump’s personal bodyguard. and two other men spent a half hour rummaging through his office and took all of the president’s medical records.

The unsettling visit came after Bornstein revealed that he’d prescribed Propecia to the president for years to restore his growth.

To answer lingering questions about his health, Trump turned to television doctor Mehmet Oz, who has been accused of being a “charlatan” and a “quack” by a group of top doctors. The doctors wanted Oz booted from the Columbia University medical faculty.

“The records that I got indicate without question that he’s healthy enough to be president,” Oz said. “If I, as a doctor, had a patient like him, I would think good health for a man of his age and I’d send him on his way.”

Bornstein told NBC, which broke the story, said Schiller, then doubling as a White House aide, appeared at his office without notice in February 2017. Alan Garten, the top lawyer for the Trump Organization, and a third man he did not know accompanied him.

“I feel raped. … Raped, frightened and sad, he said this morning in a television interview.”