Trevor Noah Sex Abuse

Trevor Noah Jumps into the controversy over New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s alleged sexual abuse. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Eric Schneiderman’s career as New York Attorney General has crashed and burned, and the final embers are flickering out on late night television. Comics are dissecting his stunning fall from grace as a “defender of women” who secretly abused them in the bedroom.

Eric Schneiderman Enters Sex Abuser Hall of Shame on Late Night TV (See!) 1

Michelle Manning-Barish and Eric Schneiderman in better times. (Photo: Facebook)

New York’s top cop wasted no time doing the honorable thing and resigning in the face of allegations from four women, even though he strenuously denied assaulting them or engaging in non-consensual sex.

His actions, which included choking, slapping, spitting on and denigrating women with terms like “whore,” were part of consensual role playing he insisted.

But the women involved didn’t see it that way.

“In the past year, we’ve seen so many powerful men being held accountable for abusing women,” said “The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah. “And, it shows no signs of stopping.”

“I mean, who knows, they might get R. Kelly this year. He’s been uncatchable for years. He’s like #MeToo’s Bin Laden.

The reason this story is getting so much press is because Schneiderman is not just a New York Attorney General, but a “national figure,” Noah noted.

He’s been taking on Trump in court on a number of issues near and dear to women, environmentalists and liberals.

Eric Schneiderman Enters Sex Abuser Hall of Shame on Late Night TV (See!) 2

Tanya Selvaratnam, a feminist author, says New York’s attorney general rough her up during sex. (Photo: Instagram)

In fact, he was considered a major champion of women. He even sponsored a bill in the New York Legislature in 2010 making choking during sex a felony.

The case is so bizarre, Noah asked “Daily Show” correspondent Dulce Sloan to add her analysis.

“I think this guy is Christian Grey, only without the looks, without the money, without the consent,” she said, in reference to the hit “50 Shades” movie series about the BDSM lifestyle of a New York City tycoon and his girlfriend.

“Actually, this is nothing like ’50 Shades of Grey,'” she added. “That would be sexy as hell.”

“He sounds like a monster, but in a way, he’s still a champion of women,” she added. “See, he pushed for tougher laws that are going to make it easier for us to throw his ass in jail.”