Jim Carrey Garish Portraits Continue to Define the Trump Political Milieu (See!) 1

Donald Trump is the Joker in his penetrating vision of the Trump Administration. (Photo: Jim Carrey/Twitter)

Donald Trump knows how to pull out of a deal if not a porn star. Jim Carrey portrays the president as the Joker from Batman in a new series of garish portraits that capture the Trump political milieu and all of its unsavory dealings.

In the latest series of art works, Oliver North, the new president of the National Rifle Association (NRA)is portrayed as serpent in front of an NRA logo oozing blood.

One of North’s first acts on the job was to call the student survivors of the Parkland, Fla high school massacre “civil terrorists.”

“Someday they’ll say we turned a blind eye to the suffering and slaughter of our own children and gave ourselves over to scoundrels and sadists,” Carrey wrote on Twitter. “The NRA is a national disgrace. The venom of greed is killing America.”

Trump gained a new identity as the Joker for unilaterally pulling out of the Iran deal.

“Slice of Apple Pie: $5.00. Tickets to a baseball game: $50.00. A diplomatic agreement with Trump’s America… Worthless,” Carrey wrote on the portrait.

Trump’s new lawyer Rudy Giuliani is positively ghoulish.

“Ghouliani: Finally, a face we can trust! 8^¥,” he writes.

In another, more garish portrait, Carrey comments: “In his desperate and never-ending quest for significance, bleaching the bottom teeth just wasn’t a priority. Giuliani was back! And his breath was badder than ever!” the actor commented on Twitter.

Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort is the devil incarnate, a comment on the Ukraine’s sudden refusal to cooperate with the Mueller probe after receiving a shipment of missiles for it fight against Russian encroachment.

“Ukraine stops investigating Manafort (who helped destroy their democracy, and maybe ours) in exchange for a missile shipment from Trump. Congrats America, we are now a global protection racket. #fuggedaboutit ;^\”

First daughter Ivanka Trump finally gets a portrait of her own to hang next to husband Jared Kushner’s. Carrey has two words for her: “Skin Deep.”

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Donald Trump’s Political Milieu (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
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