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New York City’s tabloids offer different takes on Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, which led to dozens of deaths. (Photo: NYDN/NYP)

Ivanka Trump smiled through the apocalypse while Israeli troops shot and killed at least 58 demonstrators and injured more than 2,700 on Monday during the dedication of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, provoking widely different reactions in New York City, according to the city’s feisty tabloids.

The New York Daily News pulled no punches with a banner headline titled “Daddy’s Little Ghoul” adjacent to a photo of a smiling Ivanka. She shared the front page with an image of protesters carrying a wounded comrade.

The News’s editorial page was much more laudatory, Its May 14 opinion reads in part:

“Fulsome congratulations to President Trump for having the backbone to do what candidates Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama promised before chickening out when they got into office, despite the imperative being written into the bipartisan Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.”

In contrast, the conservative New York Post, threw no punches. Instead it lauded the opening as the fulfillment of decades of promises. “This Year in Jerusalem,” its banner headline trumpeted.

The cover included a photo of a smiling Orthodox Jew giving a thumbs-up, juxtaposed with a slogan: “Thank You Mr. Trump.”

There was no mention of the slaughter taking place just 77 miles from the embassy on the site where Israeli police clashed with demonstrators in the Gaza strip. It was the bloodiest clash between Israel and Palestinians since 2014.

Right wing media outlets slammed The News. One conservative Web site called it “completely disgusting” and “putrid.” The site continued:

“Rather than focus on the historic occasion, which is all about the U.S. and its effort to honor its top ally in the Middle East, it drags in some utterly unrelated issue, way out in a hellhole like Gaza, where a bunch of Islamist maniacs linked to the terror group Hamas apparently threw Molotov cocktails and assorted bombs and got several dozen of their numbers killed, apparently because they were aggressive and because they used their own women and children as human shields.”

The commentary was right in line with conservative talking points. Protesters were blamed for the violence and the embassy opening was described in biblical terms.

The Post article pointed out a Jewish rebellion against the Romans in the Second Century AD that liberated parts of the city. What? You mean the Jews were just like today’s Palestinians, an oppressed minority?

Israel officially reclaimed Jerusalem some 2,000 years later. in 1992, then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin proclaimed. “Israel and Judea are reborn. We have redeemed Jerusalem.”

Trump inflamed Palestinians when he announced plans to move the embassy from its historic location in Tel Aviv. Violence was an all but foregone conclusion.

From a foreign policy perspective, Trump appears to be winging it in an effort to build support for the Republican Party in advance of the November elections.

“It’s all about U.S. domestic politics,” Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt, a vocal critic of the Trump administration, said on MSNBC.

Everything we will see Donald Trump do from now until the midterms–to try to stave off a disastrous midterm election defeat–is to try to intensify support in his base through policies of incitement,” he added.

“This is not about making the Middle East more secure. It’s not about making the United States more secure. It’s not about making sure that we don’t have yet another generation of American kids dying in Middle Eastern wars. It’s all about Donald Trump being able to score a point… and to position himself for the midterm elections.”

Trump has no sense of history and is completely ignorant of the religions and the region, he continued. “He knows nothing about anything. He’s bumbling around. And, he destabilized, with his rash move, the Middle East… with having not a clue about what he was doing.”

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