cara delevingne royal wedding

British model and actress Cara Delevingne has let it be known she wasn’t invited to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Cara Delevingne used to run in the same royal circles as a young Prince Harry, and they share many friends. But the British model has all but acknowledged she won’t be attending Harry’s and Megan Markle’s royal wedding.

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Cara shows off a new look for her latest PUMA campaign highlighting Muse Cut-Out Sneakers. (Photo: Puma)

“I’m going to spend the day with my friends all watching it from the morning. I think any celebration of love is incredible,” she says in a new interview. “I’m really happy that he found love.

“You know when love just changes someone completely? He’s really come so far. I’m really happy for Harry,” she added.

Cara is also a big fan of Meghan. “I don’t know Megan, but she seems like an absolute babe,” she says. “I can’t wait to see what it’s like. Look, I love weddings! I love weddings so much.”

Cara, not surprisingly, is a big royalist. She says Harry’s wedding makes her “proud” to be British.

“I think the royal family is incredible and amazing for what they do, what they do for the world and what they stand for,” she tells people.

Growing up Cara and her big sister, Poppie Delevingne, were very much a part of the young royals in-crowd, and their family is steeped in royal history.

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Cara Delevingne looks ravishingly sexy in a disco-inspired Jimmy Choo shoe line for 2018, (Photo: Jimmy Choo)

She’s the granddaughter of Sir Jocelyn Stevens, who once ruled over all of England’s historic monuments as the chairman of English Heritage, short for Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England.

For 23 years, Stevens was married to Janie Sheffield, a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. They divorced in 1979.

In 2008, he married Emma Cheape, daughter of the late Sir Iain Tennant. She was previously married to Angus Geoffrey Bruce Ismay Cheape. He was a descendant of the family that owned the HMS Titanic, which infamously sank in 1912 after striking an iceberg.

Cara Delevingne Out With Royal Family, No Prince Harry Wedding Invite (Photos) 3

Cara plays the evil Enchantress in the latest Suicide Squad movie. (Photo: Studio)

Stevens’ daughter, Pandora, married wealthy real estate developer Charles Delevingne, and Cara is the youngest of four socialite daughters.

Her grandfather on her father’s side was Viscount Greenwood, and his late aunt, Doris Delevingne, was a society girl who was close to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Her mother was an “it girl” in the 1980s as well, and schooled with Sarah Ferguson, the future Duchess of York.

Pandora also had a rock ‘n roll lifestyle and was a heroin addict for years. She now works as a shopper to the rich at Selfridges, a high-end UK department store. Her clients include Kate Middleton.

The sisters grew up in a posh Belgravia mansion and attended the independent Bedales School, according to an unofficial biography.

The family has been described as one of the “best-connected” in high society, “a long line of debutantes, party boys and millionaires.”

But Harry eventually fell out with that crowd and Cara moved on as well. She launched her modeling career, announced she was gay, later amended it to “sexually fluid,” and has also begun acting.

These days, she’s more likely to be spotted hanging out with Rihanna, Georgia May Jagger (Mick’s kid) and celebrities. Her rumored sexual conquests include Michelle Rodriguez, Rihanna, singer St. Vincent, Selena Gomez and Dakota Johnson, among others.

At 5’9″ tall and with a stunningly sensual look, Cara has become a force in modeling and she’s slowly making inroads in Hollywood.

Getting a royal invite would be a social coup and an affirmation of her standing as a figure of importance in British fashion and entertainment, but, alas, it’s not to happen.