Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf is back at the door of pompous pols and other inflated egos. She the new trailer for her show! (Photo: ScreencCap)

Michelle Wolf, the comedian who dressed down–make that stripped–the Trump administration of its pretenses at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, gives a peak at her upcoming Netflix show, and it looks like a rollicking good time.

Wolf, caused an uproar on Fox News and other Trump-supporting sycophants, with her outrageous take-downs of the Washington establishment at one of the premiere establishment social events.

The suddenly dainty, pearl-clutching Fox News talking heads slammed Wolf after previously exhibiting pin-drop silence on Trump’s misogynistic, pussy-grabbing, sex-assaulting, porn-star bedding, wife cheating antics.

The president had the audacity to call Wolf “filthy.” Now, he probably secretly wants to date her.

The show’s second trailer was released yesterday. It previews sketches and monologues that will be pretty much all Michelle, all the time.

The weekly show debuts next Sunday, May 27. Check out the trailer below and be sure to follow IM on Twitter. Your support makes it possible for us to stay in business.